About Us

Aaron Kot

President and CEO

Step into the enchanting realm of Infernal Schoolhouse Games and meet our seasoned Game Master, Aaron, who embarked on his gaming odyssey, more than 25 years ago.

Hailing originally from the vibrant landscapes of Texas and settled along the mountains of Colorado, Aaron has since become a master of the gaming table, honing his skills in storytelling and character development. With an impressive background as both a skilled Game Master and a devoted Player, he has traversed diverse realms, slayed fearsome dragons, and woven countless unforgettable tales.

Drawing upon his early high school adventures, Aaron's passion for tabletop roleplaying games was kindled, and it has burned brightly ever since. Over the years, he has perfected the art of crafting immersive experiences, guiding fellow adventurers through uncharted territories, and fostering an inclusive and welcoming environment for players of all backgrounds.

From ancient elven forests to bustling dwarven cities, his captivating world-building and strategic encounters have transported players to realms where imagination knows no bounds. Their ability to breathe life into characters, ranging from valiant knights to mischievous rogues, adds depth and authenticity to every quest, even including bespoke culinary experiences straight from the pages of fantasy.

With over two decades of experience, Aaron possesses the wisdom and creativity to create unforgettable memories and forge legends that withstand the test of time. His passion for the game, coupled with his commitment to inclusivity and camaraderie, makes him a trusted guide for players seeking thrilling adventures and lasting friendships.

Join Aaron in the realm of endless possibilities, where heroes are born, laughter abounds, and the roll of the dice determines the fate of our shared adventure. Together, let us embark on an epic journey, filled with excitement and triumph, as we explore the boundless horizons of Infernal Schoolhouse Games.

May your dice roll true, and may your quests be etched into the annals of gaming legend!

Bryan Davis 

creative director

Bryan Davis, our Creative Director, brings a unique blend of artistic knowledge, industry experience, and a passion for fantasy and adventure to Infernal Schoolhouse Games. 

Born and raised in Denver, Bryan followed his passion for storytelling by pursuing a degree in Film Studies from the University of Colorado. Upon graduating, he moved to Los Angeles and worked in both live action and visual effects. This experience provided him with valuable insights into the entertainment industry that helped him hone his creativity energies. 

Bryan then earned a Master's degree in Humanities with a focus on art and film history, and his comprehensive studies have aided his knowledge in the field of art and culture. Although it does make him the subject of good-natured ribbing during museum visits as he is rarely able to hold his tongue. 

Bryan's lifelong passion for fantasy and adventure led him to our team at Infernal Schoolhouse Games. His enthusiasm for ‘nerding out’ over role-playing games, art and film history, literature and comics,  and his professional experiences have made him an invaluable asset to our team, helping to guide our creative direction and bring our fantastical journeys to life. 

Sam I am

Chief strategist

Sam grew up on the East Coast, playing Star Wars within a shared theater of the mind between neighbor kids - only coming in as the fireflies filtered out to light the night. She started out in D&D as wizard... that should tell you a lot. 

She is a jack of all trades, a Girl Friday, if you will.

Her undergraduate degree is in Sociology (Emergency Management and Homeland Security) but she pursued a career change into Elementary School Teaching with a Masters in Education. Her experience brings both micro and macro insights into the benefits of gamification on our minds but also how society benefits from the skills we iterate upon in game.