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Step into our realm of bespoke Dungeon Mastering services...

Ever dreamt of facing a fire-breathing dragon with your best buds, or strategizing with your coworkers to conquer a mischievous band of gnomes? Well, dust off your adventuring boots, because unforgettable quests await!

Contact us now to begin the quest for an unforgettable event filled with thrilling gameplay and delectable delights. 

Whether you’re a novice or expert gamer, if you want an immersive, challenging game, where your imagination, creativity, and strategic know-how are put to the test, this is your guy. He’ll make you laugh. He’ll make you think. And he’ll make sure you have the best game ever. 

~ Julie O., TX

Aaron and Bryan, both as individuals and as a team, are incomparable when it comes to knowledge about gaming, RPGs, and especially team leadership.  They possess an enviable balance of planning and flexibility, able to seamlessly guide adventurers through worlds where anything could happen to create experiences that are absolutely unforgettable. They are truly masters of their craft.

~ Chelsea K., CO

Aaron is the best GM I've had the pleasure of sharing the table with. He marries verisimilitude and immersion of gameplay with casual interaction and a warm charisma. Nothing feels pressured, his presence is inviting, and his preparation always on point. He answers questions swiftly, commands respect of everyone at the table, and is quick to quell unease. His skills, improvisation, and creativity brought to the realm of RPGs is something easily worth its weight in gold. 

~ David F., CO

Aaron's One Shot Weekend was an incredible experience! Imagine a fantasy-filled weekend in a mountain cabin with immersive games and 3D maps. The real magic was our group's chemistry, guided by Aaron. From rookies to veterans, everyone had a blast, making new friends and lasting memories. Thanks to Aaron, we had an unforgettable weekend and a deeper connection to the RPG world. 

~ Toby P., CO

We're your one-stop shop for crafting fantastical adventures. Our skilled Dungeon Masters specialize in curating tailor-made gaming sessions that cater to your group's preferences, play styles, and desired level of challenge. With our expertise in crafting immersive narratives and designing captivating locales, we ensure that every moment is filled with wonder and excitement.

But the adventure doesn't stop there! 

Picture this: vanquishing a troll then tucking into a feast fit for a king, complete with succulent roasted meats and flagons of bubbling ale. Or maybe your corporate retreat involves sipping on shimmering "Elixirs of Ingenuity" while plotting your next big move. We've got a whimsical food and drink menu meticulously curated to match your chosen quest, transporting you even deeper into the world of wonder.

We offer experience enhancements, such as:

All carefully curated to match the theme of your gaming session. From delectable feasts fit for noble knights to themed cocktails and elixirs that spark the imagination, our culinary offerings will transport you further into the realm of your choosing. We will weave magical narratives and conjure captivating realms within the theater of the mind, where every twist and turn ignites your imagination.

Our expert storytellers can craft an adventure for any sized group, such as... 

To embark on this extraordinary journey, simply contact us to discuss your event's requirements. 

Our friendly team of Dungeon Masters will guide you through:

Then provide a comprehensive proposal, encompassing your gaming adventure and session enhancements for approval and iteration.

Get ready to forge bonds that rival those of an adventuring fellowship, unleash your inner hero, and embark on an adventure unlike any you've ever experienced.   Our Dungeon Masters are poised to deliver a captivating experience that will will leave you and your companions with memories that sparkle brighter than a hoard of stolen dragon loot!  

Grab your dice, polish your wits, and prepare to be flabbergasted!

Aaron Kot possesses an exceptional talent for game mastering. His creativity, passion, and expertise make them stand out in the tabletop gaming world. I have personally experienced his immersive and engaging gaming worlds, storylines, characters, and challenges. His attention to detail in game is simply amazing.

Beyond their skills, Aaron's genuine passion and dedication to creating unforgettable memories make him an invaluable game master. His enthusiasm ignites a sense of adventure and camaraderie among players, allowing them to form genuine friendships both in and beyond the tabletop gaming world.

I wholeheartedly recommend Aaron and Infernal Schoolhouse Games. Their boundless creativity, unwavering commitment, and captivating experiences will undoubtedly leave a lasting impact on you and your party for many adventures to come!

~ Adam F., MI