System created by: Michael Sands

Monster Keeper: Aaron Kot

Join us in TEXAS HELL COUNTRY via liveplay every other Monday at 7pm MT on Twitch every other Monday (schedule below) or catch previous episodes on YouTube. Watch your back monster hunter. 

Monday, April 15th, 2024: Episode 4... See us live on Twitch 

April 1st, 2024: Episode 3... The Dark Arts

March 18th, 2024: Episode 2... The Phantom Locomotive

March 4th, 2024: Episode 1... Something Stirs

Note: New streams will only stay up on Twitch for 7 days from the air date. After that, please access them on YouTube! Thanks! 

MEET THE Paranormal Hunters of the Texas Outlands

(i.e. P.H.O.T.O Booth)

John Young 

(The Gumshoe)

Rosie A. Young 

(The Chosen)

Jim Morris 

(The Professional)

Jade Staples 

(The Spooky)

Buddy Walker 

(The Flake)

Charlie Young 

(The Mundane)

and featuring...

the Monster Keeper


The Nemesis